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Using a gentle silk cream wax. Hairs need to be approx 1cm in length to be waxed.

Please avoid heat treatments before and after any waxing.   Perfumed lotions, make up and deodorant must be avoided 24hrs after waxing.

All areas are cleansed, talc is applied, hair is removed, and a soothing Lavender and Tea Tree lotion is then applied, to reduce redness.  

Ingrown hairs can be removed for you.

 Half Leg (lower) 14.00
 Full Leg 20.00
 Full Leg & Bikini Line 28.00
 Bikini Line (I do not offer Brazilian or Hollywood bikini waxes)
 High Bikini Line
 Underarms 10.00
 Eyebrows 9.00
 Lip or Chin
 Lip and Chin
 Half Arm
 Full Arm
 Back Wax

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